Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New Crew!

Since summer craft show/ street fair season began I have been busy!  After my last show though I took a break from clay dolls to try my hand at a few other techniques.
As I mentioned before I have been working on drawing due to my online classes.  Which still sometimes takes a back seat to other things i'm trying.  However I have turned a few more drawings into embroidery art!  Later today I'll try my hand at some painting though! 

Anyways I thought I'd bust out a few cloth dolls!

Here are some in progress shots.  I'm not so good at the in progress for two reasons.  I don't really take breaks so I never think to stop and photograph where I am at until I have to stop working for lunch, diner or some other errand I have to do.  Plus I am just snapping these shots with my iphone and I have a pretty dark/weirdly lit studio (I am working on the situation).  The lighting for the naked eye really isn't HORRIBLE but it is for photographing!  Blah blah blah excuses I know I am terrific at making them!

Anyways these ladies are done in time for the Phinneywood street fair I am doing Friday August 10th from 6-10pm.  I will be located somewhere around 74th since I am working with the lovely shop called Tasty.  So come see me and my work and take a peek at the unique art shop Tasty too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Making

Since finishing school and moving back I have been busy feverishly trying to be in the business of making!  I not only dedicate a handful of hours each day to creating new work but I have been researching business practices, taking classes and networking.  I will also dedicate more time to adding to this blog.  Not only of my own work but inspiring artists and resources for handmade artists!  One step at a time!

Each day ends up being pretty busy but rewarding!

I have been taking an online class called "Mixed Media from the Heart" by Danita which has helped me loosen up with my painting and another online drawing class called "Learning with Tascha" which has helped me understand the structure of my little cartoonish draw girls.  Both teachers are wonderful artists themselves so please check out their websites!

I was inspired to take these two classes because I love to make characters.  That is why I started making dolls in the first place.  I wasn't confident in my drawing abilities so I went straight to sculpting!  Now I am trying to blend the two.

When we were moving I had to pack up all my doll supplies so I decided to transfer a few sketches and try my hand at embroidery since I could fit all the supplies in my purse!

Well I had a blast embroidering.  It was a nice art piece to be able to work on sitting on the couch with my husband watching a movie before bed!  

However I am still not comfortable drawing.  It takes me ages to be happy with a sketch because something is always a little wonky.  These classes are teaching me to embrace it, own it and move on!

So I am happy to finish working on all the little prompts and assignments in the classes to continue to broaden my artistic skills!   I really do love having these little embroideries in my home but they are up for sale in the etsy shop too!

Along with a new batch of Day of the Dead Calavera dolls and ornaments heads I decided to make a batch of magnent/broach sized creations.  Obviously there are some robots at the bottom but who knows what the others will turn into!

I will be at the Alki Art Fair this weekend (July 28th+29th) located near the BathHouse and sharing a booth with the lovely Deviant Decor.  Come by and see us!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

WOO WEE me and the husband had a LONG weekend!  A total of 24 hours was spent at Summerfest the West Seattle Street Fair from Friday morning to Sunday evening!  It was great to see peoples reactions to the dolls and meet some fun people.  My cheeks sure do ache from smiling so much!

Anyways as promised here are pictures of the new dolls!

Cherise 7.5inches seated $100

Fiona 7.5inches seated $100

Geneva 5.5inches seated $75

Guinevere 7.5inches seated $100

Guinevere and Geneva

Elysia 5.5inches seated $75

Electra 7.5inches seated $100

Electra and Elysia

Bridget 7.5inches seated $100

Blythe 5.5inches seated $75

Bridget and Blythe

Bianca 5.5inches seated $75

Lily 5.5inches seated $75

Carmela 7.5inches seated $100

Carla 5.5inches seated $75 (SOLD)

They will all be added to the shop this week along with 6 embroidery pieces!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alright everyone I FAILED!  Yup I set up this blog to be all kinds of good at showing you all my in progress work and new finished pieces but then I didn't!

Well now I am here to change all of that!  I have finished my Masters degree, moved back to the Seattle area with my husband and am settling into my new life.  The dust is settling and I am here to show you the results!

So here is what I worked on today!  NEW BUSINESS CARDS!  I still like my old ones but they seemed too dark and moody while I am working on being weird but happy :P

We are living in a little guest house on my Grandpa's property which is surrounded by trees, beautiful landscaping and lots of statues which provides me with ample inspiration and photo opportunities!  Plus the seattle weather is breaking with lovely sun and it is so nice to get outside a photograph again!

Next post will properly introduce the girls pictured above and 10 other new playmates of theirs!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Elain and Ashleigh in the studio!

Two of my newest completed girls sat for quick portrait sessions!  They are patiently awaiting bigger and better photo shoots though.  Since I am in my last year of my Masters of Fine Arts degree and fell madly in love with doll making I have found a way to blend the work.  I have been creating scenes for the dolls to interact in.  So far the final product is photographs of these situations.  I am still in the first stages of this stream of thought though so those photos aren't ready to be shared.

However I can't help but share their portrait sessions!

Sweet little Elain...

She can be pretty shy.  The kids used to tease her and hang things from her antlers so she mainly kept to herself.  You can usually draw her out with some fresh fruit or vegetables though.

Then there is Ashleigh...

She always wanted to be a normal little girl.  She adored their long flowing hair and envied their lives.  As she patiently grew in the forest she collected the things they left behind.  Someday she hoped to collect a lost little girl for herself...

What do you think?